Reshmi R Nair encourages everyone to watch Naradhan, Criticizes Aashiq Abu for his dual stance in Rahul Pasupalan involved case

Resmi nair about "Naradhan" 

 Reshmi R Nair, a model and activist, is a popular celebrity on social media platforms. 
Many celebrities today are getting attention on social media by doing a different kind of photoshoots. Photoshoot pictures are very important nowadays whether it is a wedding or vacation, nowadays one can not even think of any functions without photoshoot, so Reshmi is making fire on social media with different kinds of photoshoots. Reshmi shares her comments through Facebook. 

So a shared post is getting attention now. The actress has now shared on social media about the Tovino- Aashiq Abu movie Naradhan. Model and leftist fellow traveler, Reshmi R Nair talks about the movie and? Aashiq Abu's double standard policy. 

 Reshmi shares in Facebook ""Naradhan should be seen by everyone. Naradhan, directed by Aashiq Abu, is a very serious subject. The director's attempt to talk about media goons who prosecute individuals who have not been found guilty by the courts or the legal systems, and declare them criminals is the film that should be encouraged. At the time of writing, no court in India has found Rahul Pashupalan(husband of reshmi) to be a criminal or a criminal, but the media manhunt carried out by some people like Aashiq Abu cannot be held accountable. 
Many of Aashiq Abu's close friends will read this post, and she adds "Naradhan is a good movie that everyone should watch" 
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