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Natalia Krasiuk (born on 24 July 2000) is a famous social media celebrity and influencer. The model is from Cherkasy, Ukraine and emerged popular through tiktok videos and instagram. Age of Natalia is 22.

Natalia Krasiuk's Full Details


Birth date: 24 July, 2000 

Hometown: Cherkasy, Ukraine 

Age: 20 ( As of 2022) 

Zodiac: Leo 

Height: 168 cm 

Weight: 56 Kg 

Places: Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Russia


Career- Modelling, Influencer, Work

Natalia Krasiuk is gorgeous model and social media star. Earlier she started posting videos of her personal life on the tiktok platform, which went viral. With the increasing popularity, She created instagram account and started posting her attractive images. Natalia made huge number of followers on tiktok and instagram. Her instagram account have 180K followers.


Before she worked in Rugard Strandhotel, Germany. 

When asked if she was emotional person, Natalia responded that she is emotional but generally didn't show it in public.  However, sometimes her face reflects what is going on in her mind. She learns to take everything in simple terms without taking it to heart.



Natalia usually do workouts in her home and maintain healthy fitness. Streching, Glute Press, dumbbells work, Lunges, Vacuum are the performing training exercises, she told to celebrity vox during interview.


What are the hobbies of Natalia Krasiuk?

Natalia loves to take photos, dancing, and Cooking. Besides these, she also interested in doing Handcrafts- beading, embroidering, knitting.


Does Natalia Krasuik have a Boyfriend?

Yes, she has a boyfriend. They met and started dating since 2015. She told that they are celebriting 7 years of relationship in 2022. They are not married yet.

Does Natalia Krasiuk have tattoos?

She wear two tattoos- a dragon shaped on her right arm and another one is a snake which is above her upper stomach.


Favourites and likes of Natalia Krasiuk

She like to travel. 

She loves animals and pets a dog. 

She likes horse riding. 

She likes bowling 

Her favourite places to eat: Nice 2 Meet U Casual Cafe, Faro del porto, Peter Pane.

Which are the favourite foods of Natalia Krasiuk?

She likes to eat Pizza, Maraschino Cherries, French fries, Cuisine sushi, Fried Chicken.


Natalia Krasiuk attended Jagiellonian University, Poland. She took diploma and graduated philology. She studied English and Spanish.


How many languages does Natalia Krasiuk speak?

She speaks 5 languages; Ukranian, Russian, German, Spanish. She understands English well but is not very fluent in speaking.

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